Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Highlight of the Week

Last week was pretty awesome. Our bull did great in the show, we won a new stock trailer, I got to catch up with lots of great friends that I hadn't seen for a while, and I only had to work 3 days! Really it can't get much better right?

Well those are all really great things, but there is one standout moment from last week. A friend of our families, and a really respected cattlemen gave me one of the most meaningful compliments that I had ever received.

This person has known me since I was just a little girl, and through the junior shows, cattle shows, and being a family friend has been able to watch me grow up. I have become friends with their children, and really admire their family for their hard work and dedication to the cattle industry, and especially the youth aspect of things of our industry.

The night after the show, we got talking to my mom and I, and said congratulations. Thinking that they were talking about us winning the show, we said thank-you, said it was really exciting, offered them a beer, and was just going to go on with the conversation. Instead they turned to be and said, "No, congratulations on being so great!"

For a minute I didn't know what they were talking about, and maybe it was the puzzled look on my face, but they went on to explain. They mentioned how they have watched me grow up, become a huge part of our families farm, and become a really great young woman.

Now I'm sure that we have all been told something like this before. But I think it really has more meaning when it comes from someone you really respect. Definitely the highlight in my week anyways!

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