Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 Farmfair Supreme Show

This past Saturday was the Supreme Show at Farmfair International. This show is for all of the breed champions to take part in and compete against one another. The Supreme Champion Bull and Supreme Champion Female each drive away with one of these new 2010 Dodge Trucks! A pretty amazing prize.

There is a panel of 6 judges that are selected to judge the show. They each place the place from top to bottom. The animal who then has the lowest score wins. Sounds easy, but remember these are the best animals from the show so they have their work cut out for them.

This year the Supreme Champion Female went to Rancier Farms with their Simmental Female. They won this honor just 2 years ago, and now have won a total of 3 trucks from the Supreme Show!

The Champion Bull went to Prairie Cove Charolais with their Champion Charolais Bull.

Because our bull won the Simmental show we also go to compete in this. We came close to winning and ended up in 2nd place. I great accomplishment for sure! Another added bonus to the show was a trailer donated by Alan Dale Trailers. This prize went to one of the exhibitors that was competing in the Supreme Show. In the end we ended up winning this new stock trailer! A pretty great prize to win!

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laura said...

CONGRATS! What an awesome week!