Sunday, July 25, 2010

Minature Donkey Extravaganza

For the past few days I have been in Red Deer running the NMDA Miniature Donkey Extravaganza II at Westerner Days.

I took this contract on as something fun to do, would fill some time at nights, and to relaly push me outside my element.Sure I had organized lots of shows before, but my knowledge of Minature Donkeys was slim.The weekend was a great success, and these tiny animals are pretty impressive too. It was fun to watch them work through their paces.No I am not going to run out a purchase a Miniature Donkey, but I sure do have an appreciation for them now.
During the weekend they competed in halter, jumping, and driving classes. My favorite definitely were the trail classes and the jumping classes.
My favorite class of the day was the Coon Jumping. In this class the donkeys are put into a 10'x10' chalk box and asked to jump without getting a running start. The jump starts are 12" and moves up each round. At the end the winning donkey jumped 32"!
It was an interesting weekend to say the least. I met some great people and got my eyes opened to a new world.

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RobynBeazley said...

Congratulations Stacy!! I was hoping you would write about your experience. SO excited for you and trust it was a skill and resume booster!