Friday, July 16, 2010

Keeping Our Fingers Crossed

Well I didn’t want to say anything yesterday to jinx it, but it looks like the mess of 2010 may be finally starting to come to a close.

The BP oil situation in the Gulf of Mexico has been 3 months of hell for not only the environment but also the people living along the coast.

Yesterday it was announced that after many attempts to cap the site, the attempt yesterday looks like it may have worked. There are still lots of testing that needs to be done, and a more permanent fix for the problem, but at least for now it is preventing millions of barrels of oil from spilling into the waters.

We have all see the pictures and heard the stories of the animals that have been affected in this mess. Those who have been able to help with the rescue mission of these animals and helping out to save the people and animals that have had to suffer through this should really be proud of themselves.

The ones that should really be ashamed in this situation is BP. Not only did they know that the under water well site was not in great shape, and that there was the risk of something terrible happening at the site, but that it took them 3 months to cap off the well. The environmental damage that this has caused is huge, but I think it will not be until many years from now that we see the real impact this will have on us.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this cap is going to hold, and that this whole mess will start to get cleaned up. I know that I will never think of BP the same way, and that I hope others remember this situation when filling up at the gas station.

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