Sunday, July 18, 2010

Agtivity In the City

While in Calgary on Saturday I took some time to check out the Alberta Beef booth in Agtivity in the City.

This area is dedicated to agriculture commodities and allows them to interact with the visitors to the stamped. It is a great area for families to come and see what dairy, beef, hogs, canola, eggs, and so many other commodities are all about.

My grandpa Chuck does all of the booths for Alberta Beef. He spends countless hours dreaming up ideas and fun things for people to do in the booths. This year they did a little survey to see what booths were successful in the tent, and his was by far the winner.

Here are a few pictures of the Alberta Beef booth, and the tent. I encourage you to stop in and learn a thing or two about the industries and where your food comes from next time you see the booths out!

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