Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time to Share #9

This week I want to go back to featuring one of my favorite websites. is a members only website that has discount hotels for its members. Each week there are 3-4 hotel or resorts that have rooms at severely discounted rates. Most cases you are looking at 40-60% off!Now these hotels are not just your regular Ramada or Holiday Inn, but some of the most exclusive and high end hotels around the world. Many are in the US, however, there are also occasional destinations to Thailand, Jordan, France, and Mexico.

While most of us are not able to afford these hotels during our holidays, with the discounted prices, most of them become the same rate that you would pay at a much lower class hotel. And even if we do not stay at some of these amazing destinations at least it keeps us dreaming of a wonderful escape during the winter months!

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RobynBeazley said...

Cool site Stacy - thanks for sharing. FYI - You have one extra "T" in the website listed in this entry! I figured out and found the site!! Cheers