Friday, December 18, 2009

The Gifts are Wrapped...

I spent the last 2 days wrapping the Christmas gifts that I have bought. I am not the usual gift wrapper. I hate the usual boring and ugly Santa or candy cane wrapping paper.

Last year I spent far to much money on just the wrapping paper and ribbon, so I toned it down this year. My roommate always laughs at me because you can say that my gifts don't really look "Christmasy".
Personally I think they look great! And I even tried to get a little in the Christmas spirit by using red paper and white ribbon.... that's close as it's going to get. My personal favorite is the silver paper with pink zebra striped ribbon... now tell me that doesn't give you some Christmas cheer!


Crystal Young said...

Hmm, are one of those for me?! I am very impressed that you have all your presents wrapped, cause usually you are the last one.

RobynBeazley said...

OH they look SO awesome Stacy!! Have a fabulous festive season.