Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time to Share #11

The time has come for me to share some more of my favorite things. This post is going to take another switch.

This week I got to venture down to southern Alberta. I went to school in Lethbridge, and have not been back since i graduated 2 1/2 yrs ago. It was great to go back, catch up with some old friends and see what had changed in the city.

This week I am going to profile my Top Ten List of things in Lethbridge! Hope you enjoy and hopefully all of these places are still in business.

10. The Christmas light displays. There are some amazing displays come winter time
9. U of L- I think that this is one of the coolest schools I have seen. The University is built
into the ravine. And a fun fact- it is the same size as Noah's Arc would have been!
8. The view- Looking to the west side there are beautiful views, with great trails!
7. 2 Guys Pizza- This is hands down the best pizza I have ever had
6. Catwalk- This salon is amazing! Definitely worth the price
5. U of L Dance Team- I had a great year dancing with these girls!
4. Wing Nights- Lethbridge has 3 great places fro wings- Blarney Stone and Average Joe's
3. Ric's Grill- Not only is this a great restaurant, but with it up in the old water tower makes it
so much better
2. The smells- I know it sounds funny but I love the way the city and surrounding area smells.
It is a mix of silage in the winter, and a farm in the spring.
1. The weather- I loved how in the winter there was just enough snow to keep the ground
white, and the cold temperatures were there only a few days. Summer had arrived by
mid March! Nothing wrong with that

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