Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time to Share #7

I know I missed last week, but with Farmfair going on, it just was not at the top of my mind.

This week I am again profiling a website that I enjoy. Except it has developed into so much more then just a website.

Live Auctions is a sale broadcasting system. It provides live sale coverage, and bidding to many of the sales across Canada and the US. It has also developed into broadcasting shows.

More recently, Brad and his team have come up with a magazine that supports the sales. It now is one of my favorite magazines to read. It is always full of great articles and amazing ads.
For $50 you can receive the magazine and also have unlimited access to all of the shows and sales. Definitely worth the price tag! is the website, and I encourage you all to check it out.

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RobynBeazley said...

Love this gorgeous magazine! You're welcome to feature this same post on Copper West!? Thanks for everything Stacy that you've helped me with. Hugs