Tuesday, November 3, 2009

101 in 1001 update

I am now on my way to accomplishing some of my 101 in 1001 tasks. I thought that I would fill you in on some of the details on my journey to do this!

2.Read a book every month- I have been doing really good with my reading. I forgot how much I actually liked to read. It is a great way to unwind for the night, or to get your mind off something. I love reading books about weddings, event, socialites and celebrity life.

9.Stop biting my nails- I had been doing so good! I haven't chewed my nails for a week, which is a real accomplishment for me. However, going 22 years without nail, and having decently long nails irritated the crap out of me. Little tasks like typing and doing up my jeans were difficult. So last night they all got chewed off... guess I'm gonna have to start over on this one.

18.See one movie every month (2/33)- Some of the movies that I have seen are The Proposal, This Is It, The Ugly Truth and Terminator Salvation. My favorite by far is This Is It. I will probably go and see it a few more times, or just buy the DVD when it comes out.

22.Restock my itunes- I now have over 900 songs back in my Itunes. I know I am missing a lot of my favorites, but is is slowly getting back to where it was on my old laptop.

26. Travel to Australia- So I am wanting to go in 2010 during the World Simmental Congress. My family is also going to try to attend, so it would be one of the first family holidays we have had in a really long time. My plan is to go for the Congress and stay for another month or 2.

51.Sell my old car- So the old white car is officially gone. But as much as I miss that car, my new car finally feels like my car.

98.See Ruffles once a month (2/33)- For those of you who do not understand, Ruffles is as close to me as lots of your dogs are to you. She is my baby. I honestly don't think that I have ever loved something as much as her. She has been open for the last year, and despite the lack of feed, it was no question that she would be staying around. My cows would not be as special to me if she was not around. Now that she is at the farm it will be a lot easier to see her each time I'm home.

So as you can see I am making some headway with my tasks. I hope to get a lot further on them in the next few months. Some of them have become unattainable now, and some have changed due to things that come up in life. But I am going to accomplish as many of them as possible, cause that's what you do with goals isn't it?

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