Thursday, November 19, 2009

... and I Caved

Many of you know my feelings towards the Twilight saga. I didn't dispute that the movie was really good, I just didn't understand that fascination with the actors, and especially their good looks.

Last night I rented the first movie and decided to watch it.... I wish I could say that I didn't like the movie, but it was actually pretty good. It has a great love story that develops. The acting was definitely sub-par, and the whole vampire thing is weird in itself. But overall, I actually liked the movie.

Now, as far as the actors and their good looks.

Taylor who plays Jacob, is extremely good looking in real life, however, he is only 17, so we will pass right by him. However, in the movie, he have the longest, grossest hair possible. Definitely making him unattractive.Robert Pattinson is the one I have the real issue with. 1) he is not good looking in real life, 2) he has all of 1min looking good in the movie, and 3) this guy constantly looks like he is in need of a shower! I don't see what the draw is to this guy, and I for one am still a believer that he is not hot!
Finally, Kristen Stewart.... Oh how I have a bone to pick with you. She looks beautiful and innocent in the movie. However, once she steps out into real life, she looks absolutely horrible! She possibly has the worst hair cut I have ever seen and looks like she never showers. She also gets to live most women fantasies out wearing beautiful designer clothing as every turn, and destroys these beautiful clothes by looking absolutely miserable wearing them!I promised Brett that when I get back from Agribition we could go and see the second movie. I'm actually looking forward to seeing it, as it looks like another entertaining movie. Just be prepared for a few rants about it when its all over!

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