Monday, September 19, 2011

Edmonton Corn Maze

Last weekend "the Eng" and I headed out to the Edmonton Corn Maze for some fun. I had been to the Corn Maze at Lacombe before, but never to the Edmonton one.

There is so much to do at the Edmonton Maze. There is a little petting zoo, peddle bike races, a large pillow bouncer and of course popcorn!

It took us about 2 hrs to go through the maze and complete all 10 check points.

Corn in Alberta is not a very popular crop to grow. Our growing season is more suited towards canola, wheat, barley and oats. Most of the corn that is grown in central Alberta will be used for animal feed rather then human consumption. The exception is in southern Alberta where you can find the Taber corn!

Our corn does not grow to be as tall or the stalk as thick as it does other places. Crystal has been doing a Corn Report, and this is what the corn looked like on the same weekend in Iowa.

This is the corn in Alberta
This is the corn in Iowa

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