Thursday, September 29, 2011

Silver Tip Golf

The last part of my weekend away with "the Eng" was a trip to the Silver Tip Golf Course. Both "the Eng" and I love to golf, and it has been something that we have not only been able to do together this summer, but also with out friends and family.

I started out golfing a lot this summer, but that had kind of come to a slow down when things started to pick up on the farm and at work. I was a bit rusty and was not sure how I would fair on a tougher course. However, the picture below shows the first hole we played. Yes I made it there in 2 and got Par on the first hole.

Eng's ball is also there, but mine was closer to the pin!
 The curse is really beautiful. There are great views of the mountains on every hole, and the course is in awesome shape. It made playing that much more enjoyable, especially on one of the nicest days of the year!

This might have been on of my favorite shots of the weekend. This is the 18th hole and a daunting one at that. I out drove all of the guys that we played with to tap in for a solid score of 99.

I would highly recommend this course for a special occasion. Not the kind of course you are going to play every weekend, but for a special day, or once a year treat to yourself this is a great pick!

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