Monday, September 12, 2011

Farming- Part 7

The fall harvest is in full swing after a week of great weather. This helps the farmers get their crops dried and ripened to be able to harvest. 

The canola crops are starting to come down into swaths. They will lay on the ground until the seeds inside the pods have ripened. The seeds will become black and the oil will no longer be green.

There is also lots of machinery in the fields and on the road. Grain trucks, swathers, combines, and tractors will be doing the harvest, and moving between fields. Watch for these in your area, and where you are driving for these pieces of machines.

The cereal grain crops are also well in harvest. They are taking the crops down with combines. The combines cut the stock, and then take the seed away from the stock. The seed is then stored until a grain truck comes to take the grain away. The stalk is then left behind in rows called swaths. These swaths will be baled up eventually and used as straw for animals.

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