Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Completed Living Room

Well it is finally done! I have completed our living room redesign. After having hammy down couches, and ugly covers to help hide the floral pattern it was time for an update.

I got told I was crazy to get white couches, but I love them. They are super comfortable and actually makes me want to spend time in our living room!

I also needed some chairs to help add some additional seating. I wanted to bring some color into the room and desided on these great turquise chairs. Yes they are velvet, but I think they are great!

We also added new curtains, and the room was finished. I would love to get a new TV, but for now this room is complete!

1 comment:

Cheyenne said...

This looks AWESOME! Love the punch of color with the turquoise chairs---love the whole room! Think the white couch is great, too! :)