Monday, May 30, 2011

Farming 2011

This weekend we were finally able to get back into the fields to do some field work. Last spring we tore up part of a pasture and seeded it to oats. We then swathed the oats before they were fully ripe, and left the swaths in the fields rather then removing the grain and making straw. This is called swath grazing and is a pretty common practice in Canada.

Dad breaking up a piece of land

The cows are then turned into the swaths when there is no more grass for them to eat. Last year the swaths lasted right until December 24th when we brought cows home for the winter. This allows us to do less tractor chores and feeding, and keeps the cows out of the main yard longer. With the cows being in the pasture, they get more exercise, and can fertilize the pasture rather then the corrals.

Fields that are ready for seed
We are hoping that in the next week we will be done the field work and will be able to get the crop seeded. We have been getting a good mix of rain and heat lately so that should make for some great growing conditions.

I hope to keep you all posted on the crop progress this year. Until then we will just keep making rounds with the tractor!

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