Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Prom Date a.k.a Minnie

The last few weekends we have started to work on some cattle for the next year of showing. We will be taking some cattle to the Drayton show again in June, and with mom and dad leaving on a holiday before, we needed to get a jump start on things.

While we were breaking calves, we thought it might be smart to start working on some of the yearling heifers we might sell this fall. One of those happened to be Prom Date, or as I call her Minnie.

Minnie is our of our donor Dream Date and Hummer, the World Champion, and Agribition Supreme Champion bull.

In the last few weeks Minnie has had lots of friends at the farm.We have had a few people ask if she was club calf breeding because of how much hip she has to her, yet a extremely pretty and feminine front end.

It has been pretty muddy at home, but after a quick clip job I must stay that she is starting to show potential for this fall!

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