Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heritage Days Part 1

This past weekend us Canadian's got a long weekend thanks to a holiday know as Heritage Days. Although most do not do anything to celebrate it, the City of Edmonton, hosts its annual festival... The Heritage Festival.

This festival is one of the best attended events in the city, especially since it only runs for 3 days. The festival is made up of different countries from around the world. They bring a taste of their culture to Edmontinians. They do this through food, dance, music, and whatever else makes their country unique.

Today I am going to feature the culture elements, and save the food for tomorrow. Have to keep you coming back for more!

The festival is held at Hawrlack park. This is also where we go skating in the winter!

We went to Ukraine and listened to folk music.

Huge disappointment when they had ran out of peroggies!
We made a stop at India and watched the beautiful dancing

Also at the Netherlands to listen to the whistle/bell machine. It was pretty cool And Scandinavia as well
China was also on our list of places we visited
We stopped at Russia and met Marcus's mother! And then dressed up like little Russian dolls I think my blonde hair matches a bit better the Brett's

And of course we had to stop at Thailand. Oh how I have missed you! We watched the fire dance And the beautiful Thai women show off the Thai silks.

It was an awesome night! I can say that I will definitely go back next year. The food alone is worth the trip.

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