Friday, August 6, 2010

Blackberry vs. iPhone

Last night I went to renew my phone contract. I knew I wanted to move to a data phone, however, was undecided between a Blackberry or an iPhone.

The new iPhones look really cool. They have lots of fun features, and of course the new hot tech toy. When I went to ask about getting one, the guy almost laughed at me and told me it would be a 2 month wait. If I wanted to go with the older version, it would still be a 1 month wait.

With that in mind I asked about the Blackberry. He told me that this phone would be much better for the kind of use that I would be doing. It was more economical to buy, and available right now! This made my decision much easier... Blackberry it was!

I now an the owner of a Blackberry Curve. I have no idea how to run it, but am slowly learning. I am actually finding it is much more like a iPhone then I thought as far as features goes.

If you have any suggestions on apps or features on it that you really like, please let me know. I am taking all suggestions at this point

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