Monday, August 2, 2010

All in Perspective

Last night I was having a chat with a friend. We were both enjoying a good meal, a beer, a hot summers night. But we were both alone...

Now there is nothing wrong with being alone. I am a person who appreciates time when I can have my personal space. It gives me time to think, reflect, and just not have to care about others.

While visiting, we both came to the conclusion that it would have been nice to share the evening with another person, specifically someone of the opposite sex.

As both of us are single, we talked about if we were looking for someone, and how we go about doing that. I mentioned that I like to use the approach of waiting until they come to me. I am not going to go scouting Edmonton for a man. Instead, if I meet someone of interest I will wait for them to make a move or show interest, and then go from there.

This friend said that he was taking the same approach right now. He said he too was not having any luck. At this moment, I realized 2 things.

1. Women do not like to have to go find a man. We like to be pursued.

2. Men seem to have lost all confidence when it comes to even talking to a woman. Whether it be just friends, or more, men do not act upon instincts as much as they used to.

I know that for any woman confidence is a huge turn on. We like a man who is sure of who he is, can take action when needed, and can control a situation. However, I cannot recall the last time that I saw this.

Now I do not know why men have lost this. It could be from the cruel women who string men along, only to break their hearts. Or from women who use men just to get what they want, never to talk to them again. There are a million reasons for this.

All I want to know is when will a man show up in my life who is single and has some confidence?


j m simpson said...

When you are least expecting it!

Laura said...

Totally agree. I love watching old movies when the men portrayed were so straightforward with their feelings and willing to work for the affection of women.

RobynBeazley said...

When you're least expecting it. You want a real man - that one that WILL pursue you, so it'll be worth waiting ;) However - men are typically blind from my experience, so if you come across a prospect - attack! Ha ha...what's the worst that happens - you learn that he's not the one for you!? Good luck - keep living the life YOU want Stacy!

Tiffany said...

Great blog, Stacy! I know EXACTLY what you mean! And I love Robyn's "attack" advice!