Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

A few weeks ago Dan and I headed out for an afternoon of pictures. My friend Jade from the Naked Lip was over that morning doing some make-up, and soon enough we were off and running.

Because our photographers are coming from the USA, it just was not practical to have them come and do engagement photos as well. Dan had a good friend who does photography in Edmonton, and they were the perfect option to do our photos.

3 hours later we had been to the farm, the pasture and the lake to snap some pictures. We just got them all back this week and are having a really hard time narrowing down to just a few to use for the wedding!


Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh, Stacy! Love these!! So cute!


Anonymous said...

All the pictures are so gorgeous! You guys look great and it looks like you had a blast getting them taken too!! Congrats!! :)

RobynBeazley said...

Your pictures are amazing!!! Congrats on your engagement Stacy & Dan. Trust you're having a blast planning your magical day ;)