Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Eng’s Ramble# 1

I figured my first rambling session should be about the day I decided to propose to Stacy. Once I decided that I wanted to take the plunge and ask Stacy to get married, I took my mom to look at rings. Stacy had gone before to look at some so that I could have some sort of an idea as to what she wanted, but after seeing the ones she picked I wasn’t totally happy with any of them. After a long day of searching and deliberation (it was probably only an hour or two TOPS, but for a guy like me shopping for jewellery this is a really long time) I definitely found the one I wanted. Being the stubborn male I am, once I find something I like, or get an idea in my head, it’s usually set for good and this was no different. This whole shopping ordeal was in April and I finally got the ring in July….

Buying the ring was one thing, but now deciding when and how to give it to Stacy was going to be another. Most people thought I was going to ask her when we took a trip to Hawaii in May but that obviously didn’t happen. Even if I had the ring I probably wouldn’t have since everyone thought I was going to and I would like at least a little surprise. After humming and hawing about it for quite a while, I decided I’d do it before the Garth Brooks concert at the Stampede. We met because of Garth’s show in Vegas and we were going to be surrounded by friends and family the whole weekend so I figured it’d be perfect.

Of course, the whole asking thing was just brutal. I text my sister earlier in the week to pitch my final idea to her just to make sure I wasn’t totally out to lunch. She loved the idea and timing so I figured that was the green light. I had no doubt that she would say yes (you can say that sounds cocky but she did buy a house with me so saying no wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense), but just the thought of actually putting a ring on her finger definitely sent things to a whole new level. I was on the deck having a cigar and was on about my third beer when my sister sent a text the night before asking if I was nervous. When dawn broke the next morning, I asked her before we left for Calgary and she said yes!! This was a massive weight off my shoulders and we got to spend the rest of the weekend with friends and family. It was definitely one of the best weekends of my life.

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