Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

As with any big event, great vendors and suppliers are just as important as any planning. This includes the team that will help to make you and your bridal party look the best they can for the big day.

Luckily I have someone already on my side when it comes to the hair part of the day. Not many girls can say that their hairdresser is someone on speed dial and there whenever you need them. For me that is Will, and he has been my hair dresser for the last 5 years.

The day before Dan & I got engaged I was at the salon getting my hair cut my Will. I wanted to cut it a bit shorter for the summer, and he kept saying, "What about your wedding hair?". Regardless we still cut it, and it has been great for the summer. Although I will be growing my hair for the next year, I know that Will and his team will make us all look great for the wedding!

If you are in Edmonton, or surrounding area, make sure to look up either of Will's salons and trust me you will not be disappointed!

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