Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Coolest Day Ever!

This year we were all really excited to go to the Calgary Stampede and spend a few days with our friends down in Calgary. Dan had got 6 tickets to the Garth Brooks concert, and we were really excited to have a little mini summer vacation.

Dan & I had met in Vegas when we both went down with mutual friends to see Garth Brooks. The show was amazing and we had a great time hanging out. Long story short, we started dating, bought and house together and things were going great.

The morning we were to head to Calgary, we had plans to meet up with Dan's brother and one of his best friends for breakfast. We kind of had a lazy morning, and after talking about the concert later that night, he popped the question! After a whirlwind day of lots of phone calls, congratulations, a new job (will share about that later on), and the concert, it was by far the best day of my life!

Our wedding is set for September 14, 2013, so we will have lots of time to plan and share some fun details with you until the big day!

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