Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Realtor Blues

"The Eng" and I have decided that it time to take the next step in life together. No I do not have a rock on my finger, but instead we have decided that we are going to buy a house together.

Now living in the city for the rest of my life is not in my cards, however, for the 40 acres 20 minutes outside of the city that I would want, I'm looking at $750,000+. Cash that I just don't have right now. So for now we will live in the city, save up and use Mom and Dad's farm as mine for now.

We were all excited to get out and look at houses and start the house buying process. We had met with our realtor and the mortgage was all in place, we just needed to find "the house". I had stayed in the city this weekend even though we are busy calving and dedicated my weekend to finding a great place for us to start a life together.

Saturday rolled around and we were scheduled to go out at 4PM. At 3:45PM we got a call from a guy that works with our realtor saying that he was sick and not able to go out. Long story short we did not get to see any houses, and we also canned our realtor and are starting from scratch again. Not something that we really had in mind, but think that it will be much easier in the end.

This week we will start/resume the search with our new realtor. After a couple of weeks that have not gotten any worse I know I sure am glad that today is a new month!

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