Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blazed Babies

I love going to the farm this time of the year to see all of the baby calves. I was especially excited to see this years calf crop as we are getting a few Elegant Force embryo calves, and we were just hoping to have baldies born. A baldie is an animal who has a blaze on their face. The rest of their body will either be red or black. In this case ours are mainly black, however, there are a few red ones as well.

The baldie marking is really hot right now, as it gives them a bit more eye appeal then just being a solid colour. This marking can get tricky as each one is different. The white can extend past either eyes, just be a spot, and in some cases they will also have white on their bellies or legs. We try and keep the white just on the face, but it is easier said then done.

2 day old heifer
Elegant Force x Joker heifer
 Last spring I put in 3 embryos of my own. Unfortunately, I only got 1 pregnancy so I was really hoping that the calf would be something special. The calf is about 2 weeks old now and was a bull calf. He looks awesome, but the coloring was just not quite right....

He looks great from the front

But not so good from the side...
Ideally he would have no white on his tail, or his legs, or on his belly. Unlike his 2 sisters he is just marked a little funny. You will even notice that he has blue eyes. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but he sure is a great calf!

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Crystal Cattle said...

What was the bull calf of Amanda's called? Remember he had eyes like that!