Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#27 See the Grand Canyon

I have always wanted to see the Grand Canyon. It was just one of those places that I wanted to see before I died, similar to Niagara Falls, or the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Each time we were in Vegas we debated going on a tour out there to experience the Canyon, but other things got in the way, and it no longer was a priority. I always had a feeling that I would stand there and enjoy it for 10 minutes, then be ready to go back.

This last week while flying to Phoenix I got my chance to see it. The soil was red, the river in the bottom looked like a tiny stream, and was it ever deep. Pretty cool to see from 15,000 ft in the air.

I can officially say that I never really have a desire to go back and spend a day there now. Maybe next time we go to Vegas I will get to see the Hoover Dam, and my Grand Canyon experience will be complete!

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agriculture investments said...

Wow, those pictures are just stunning. Amazing that they are that clear taken from a plane.