Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 10 Blogs of 2011

The year has officially ended and the Top 10 blogs are just beginning. I will have a few for you this week, but what better way to start then counting down the top 10 blogs of 2011!

10. Red Carpet Round Up: 2011 MET Gala Best Dressed

I love the MET Gala, so I am thrilled that you love reading about this amazing fashion event. You can read all about my favorite picks here, but lets just say that Gisele Bundchen wowed me in this red Alexander McQueen gown.

9. Red Carpet Round Up: 2011 MET Gala Worst Dressed

As much as we love reading about the best dressed at the events, sometimes it is even more entertaining to read about the worst dressed. These ladies just did not pull it off at the biggest fashion event in the world. Better luck to them next year.Check out the worst dressed here.

8. Top 5 Looks- Jennifer Aniston

Everyone loves Jennifer Aniston so it is no surprise that she would make this list. Her amazing down to earth fashion may make her predictable, but it makes us love her. Not to forget about a heartbreaking divorse and now a new relationship, Jennifer is on top of her game more now then ever! It is her everyday style that has me watching her! See my top 5 picks of hers here

7. Red Carpet Round-Up; 2011 Golden Globes The Rest

When the ladies of the small and big screen are on it can get hard to pick just a few for the best dressed page. These ladies still looked fabulous a the Golden Globes. Check out them here and see if you think any of them should be on the Best Dressed page.

6. Denver Stock Show 2011- Club Calf Bulls

The club calf bulls in Denver are always one of the most talked about parts of the Stock Show. Because I do not get to Denver I love being able to look through the bulls that are there, and read about people's favorites. The names always are awesome with them ranging from simple to scandlous. What one was your favorite?

5. Red Carpet Round-Up: 2011 Golden Globes Worst Dressed

Yet another group of women who did not make the best dressed list. Some repeat offenders here who seem to never get it right. Everything from bad gowns, bad hair, and the wrong shoes or jewllery. Here is to hoping they can get it right this year. See the worst dressed here

4. Red Carpet Round Up: 2011 Grammy's The Rest

From the Golden Globes we move to the Grammy's. Here the fashion is a bit more laid back and the fancy gowns are left at home. Check out Lady Gaga's red carpet fashion, she sure does know how to make an entrance! Wonder how she will top herself this year? See the craziness here.

3. Red Carpet Round Up: 2011 Grammy's Best Dressed

The Grammy's were popular with the #3 post as well. With the hem lines a bit shorter and the hair a bit bigger these ladies rocked out their inner diva and brought out the rockstar within. Everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Miranda Lampert is on this list. See who is your favorites here.

2. Red Carpet Round-Up: 2011 Golden Globes Best Dressed

This year's countdown was dominated by Best Dressed posts. The Golden Globes have 3 entries on this post and deservingly the Best Dressed women ended up at #2. These ladies are always so well put together on one of entertainments biggest nights. The best gowns of the year are on the red carpet this night, and they always continue to outdue themselves. Which one was your favorite?

1. Red Carpet Round-Up: 2010 MET Ball- Best Dressed

For the second year in a row this is the #1 post! A huge accomplishment, and deservingly so. The MET ball is amazing and so is the fashion that shows up on this evening. I have always said that this is the #1 event I would love to attend in my life. Why 2010 was such a big year is easy to see when you scroll through the best dressed of this event!

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