Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Getting Beautified

While at Agribition we spend a lot of time grooming our animals. The reason we show is to promote our animals and our farm in hopes that people will want to buy either the ones in the stall or the ones back at home. To make this happen we need to have our cattle looking their very best. This means lots of brushing, washing, clipping and blowing (a blower is a large cow hair dryer).

On show day, we spend even more time with them and use some extra hair products to make them look their best for when they go into the ring. Hairspray, foams or mousses, paint and oils are all used on certain areas to enhance how the animal looks. I learned at a very young age that grooming is all about illusions. Cover up what is bad about the animal and make their faults disappear while enhancing what is good about them.

Here are a few shots from show day and getting the cattle all groomed for the show.

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