Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas & New Years 2011

This year we had our first brown Christmas in a while. Jon and Crystal were in Iowa for Christmas so the holidays were a bit different this year.

We headed to the Groenveld Christmas Eve party and had a surprise visit from Santa. The next stop was at our Groeneveld Grandparents at High River. We had lots of fun in the morning, and our Uncle Dean's dog Axel had fun opening a few presents too.

On December 30th Crystal and Jon joined us for New Years and to celebrate Christmas with them. It was great to see them one last time before the big wedding in April and to spend New Years Eve together. The last time that happened was back when Crystal was in college. Dan also joined us and the 4 of us spend the night at Dan's cabin with a few other friends.

 The next time we will see Jon is the wedding in April, and I will get to see Crystal in March for one last trip out with the girls!

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