Monday, November 28, 2011

You've Been Beiberfied

This story needs a little background information. When we were in Vegas this past February, I was given the nickname Bieber, yes after Justin Bieber. Now I want to set the record straight that I do not like the Biebs nor do I have 1 song of his on my Itunes, but somehow this name just kinda stuck.

While I was away in Regina all last week, "the Eng" and Brett decided to play a little trick on me. They went shopping and spent a night doing some decorating in my room. This is what I walked into when I got home last night.

I think it is safe to say that the joke is on me!

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Amanda said...

HAHAHA this is hilarious!!!! My sisters have friends who are OBSESSED with him, and i have to admit, i'm slowly warming up to him. i didn't know much about him before, or really anything about his songs, but man 'Never Say Never' and 'Baby' are soooo catchy!!! lol That's ok if you don't like him tho, most of my friends think he's dumb....


p.s. FOLLOWING!!!!!!!!!!! :D