Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall on the Farm

We have gotten all moved in and settled into Farmfair, but while we are here, we still need to make sure that the rest of the cattle at the farm are taken care of as well. With the help of some neighbors and family, some of the jobs will be done for us, but Mom and Dad will still drive back and forth to tend to the rest.

All of our cows are still out on pasture finishing up the grass that we have left for them. This helps cut down on the amount of time we have to feed them in the yard, and also on the cost of having to buy extra hay. We have a well on the pasture, but need to pump water into a trough every day as it is ran off a generator. In the summer this can be done a couple of times a week, but once it freezes this becomes a daily job.

The cows will stay out on pasture for the next week, and then be brought home for the winter to be fed. They will be at the farm until May when the snow has melted and the grass has grown enough for them to return to the pasture.

Their calves that were born in 2011 have been weaned off and are now at home. The bulls are being fed and will be sold in the spring to cattlemen, and the heifers have been sorted and the top end have been kept for our herd. These young heifers will become the next generation at the farm, and take over for some of the older cows in the herd, or cows that are not the best producers.

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