Friday, July 22, 2011

Stanley's Shower

With Stanley Jr, or SJ as we have started to call him, coming 4 weeks early, we thought that last weekend was the perfect time to through him and Bethan a shower and get him introduced to all of the friends and neighborhood in the area. Bethan tasked me with the job of planning the shower, and she would take care of inviting everyone, as she would know who should be there.

So I went to work planning, and baking and getting some decorations together to make this shower great. Half way through getting things set-up on Saturday I realized, I had never been to a baby shower before! It was to late to worry about that so we just finished what needed to be done, and had a great time during the shower!

Little boys need blue velvet cupcakes!
I even had "the Eng" helping me bake
Chris loves rubber ducks, so we put some on the cupcakes
And we had a massive spread of food!

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