Monday, July 6, 2009

Wonderful Weddings

This weekend I was lucky enough to see two wonderful people get married... Tara and Doug.

Tara and Doug met at another friends wedding a few years ago and their relationship took off from there. Both families knew each other from the cattle business. Since then the two of them have become such an awesome couple and it was great to see them finally get married!

The wedding was held at the Shologan's farm. They always have a beautiful yard, but this year it seemed even more beautiful. Pat, Melody and family had spent countless hours watering the lawn, planting flowers and making everything perfect for the wedding. After we all headed to Westlock for the reception.

The night was filled with lots of dancing, drinks, and good friends. It was great to see a bunch of old friends, and just to celebrate the night. I have 2 more weddings to go to this summer and are excited for them all. I really do love wedding!

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