Monday, June 22, 2009

Lets go...... Shologan?

Last week Brett and I rushed home from work to get all ready for the first preseason CFL game of the season. It was not only exciting to get out and do something, and Brett is also a huge riders fan, but my good friend Keith is also part of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Last year we went and watched him play in a game, and also went to Regina to watch a game. We got to meet lots of the team, and went out with them one night. It was lots of fun.

We got to the game, and lucky Keith played over 3/4 of the game! As far as I could tell he was doing really great. About half way through the game we went and sat with Keith's family. They were so proud of him, and how well he was playing. It was great to see such a wonderful family supporting their son.

Below are some pictures from the game. We have plans for 2 road trips to Regina this summer, and possibly some more outings in Edmonton when the team comes back. Should be a fun summer of Rider/Esks football. The question is just who to cheer for?


Crystal Young said...

Looks like you guys had awesome seats.

j m simpson said...

The answer is GO Stamps GO!!!!

RobynBeazley said...

Trust you had a wicked time. I can only imagine how much Keith appreciates your support. Have fun roadtrips this summer.