Tuesday, July 28, 2009

World Angus Forum

So although I am not an Angus breeder, nor do I ever want to be an Angus breeder, I went down to experience the 2009 World Angus Forum. This event was held at Spruce Meadows, and over the last year there has been lots of hype about this event.

When I arrived, I was in no way disappointed. As someone who loves to plan events, not only do I look at the event as a cattle person, but also as someone who is always looking for new ideas, and do pick up on areas that I would improve upon. There was very few. The planning committee did a tremendous job.

The show was filled with really great cattle. All of the exhibitors did a awesome job with their stall presentations, cattle, and celebrating the Angus breed. It was also great to meet new friends from around the world, and see old friends from across Canada.

Crystal was also at this event for work. It was really neat to meet some of her contacts in the states, and see some of the people that she has spent that last year with through her job. They were all tremendous people.

Overall, the Forum was great. Congrats to all of the exhibitors and owners, as well as to the breed for a great event!

These are some pictures that Crystal took at the Forum!Our new friends from South Africa

Grand Champion Red Angus Bull

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Heather said...

Great comments, Stacy. It's always great to hear from non-Angus breeders what they thought of everything at the WAF! Glad you came and liked it!