Sunday, June 7, 2009

Life Lessons

Over the last couple of weeks I have confirmed something in my life... I am not a patient person! This revelation is not a new one for me. I am the type of person who would rather do something myself then teach someone or wait for them to do it or have someone else do it for me rather then having to wait to be shown how do to do it, or what needs to be done.

This matter is slightly different in that I have absolutely no control over what h appends, something else I don't like much in life, but that's for another day. This situation has felt me waiting for an answer. At this point in time I have no idea when I will get what I am looking for, or if I ever will. But for now, I am doing my best to try and be patient.

It seems the more I think about the pending answer the more it consumes my life, and so recently I have been trying to keep as busy as possible to prevent that. We have a local cattle show that is coming up that I have been working on some animals for over the last few weekends, and I have also started to scrapbook again, something that I haven't done since college.

Hopefully, this test of waiting will end sooner then later, but in the mean time, at least I am working on my patience, and who can't afford to be more patient?

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RobynBeazley said...

My amazing hubby has been coined to say that "Doctors have Patience". Keep your head up diva - enjoy the journey, life isn't a race. Whatever is supposed to happen, will, in its own time. Hugs