Friday, May 1, 2009

More Thailand Fun

The last few days have been an extremely busy, but fun time. We have done a ton of shopping, laughing, and gotten a good share of exercise.

On the 30th we set out on a day trek through Thailand. We started off climbing a mountain to visit a small mountain tribe. It was amazing to see how simple their life was. Their buildings were all funtional but simple, they raised all of their own food, and are very accepting of tourists coming though. We then hiked back down the mountain and onto our next stop.

Our next stop was a Elephant Camp. We all were given an elephant to share. They had metal "saddles" for us to sit in and hold on with dear life. The animals were amazing. They are so large, but seem so gental. The riding of the elephants was a different story. Their gait is extremely choppy. They also like to pick up dirt as they walk along to blow onto their backs to keep them cool. The problem is that you are also ontop of their back. Our elephant was the worst of them all for this. When my partner and I were done, our legs and faces were black with mud!!

Our third stop was at a waterfall. We had a short trek into the fall, and then we were able to wash-up and cool down in the water. It was great to see. There were 3 small falls all pouring off a cliff. Everyone had a great time, were able to cool off, and we were able to wash ourselves off!

Our fourth stop was at another tribe. This tribe was part of the largest hilltop tribe in all of SE Asia. Again their life was very simple, growing all of their own food, and definetely not having the luxuries that we enjoy in our day to day life.

Our final stop was at a bamboo rafting place. We loaded up 3 at a time on this long raft made of bamboo trees. There were 2 people to guide us through the river, and at some points the rapids. The ride was beautiful and a perfect way to end the day. As we came along others in the water it was a splashing war, so everyone was drenched when we were done. We also floated by 3 different elephant camps. There was a mother and baby elephant in the river with us, playing in the mud, and getting cooled off. There was another elephant in the water further up that was rolling around in the water. It was a really neat experience to see it.

We then packed up and headed back into the city. Overall the day was really awesome. We got to see lots in an action packed day, and all had a great time doing it as well.

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Crystal Young said...

Sounds awesome. Hope you took lots of pictures. When you said you were going to ride an elephant, it reminded me of when you road the camel at the Valley Zoo, but I only wanted to ride the ponies.