Friday, May 15, 2009

Catch Up Time

So I realize that it has been a while since my last entry, but things have been a little crazy as of late. I will catch you up quickly, then should get back to work...

I got back from Thailand to about +10 weather. To most this would be pleasant seeing that we are slowly warming up from our -30 winter. However, when you spend the last 2 weeks in 30-40 degree weather... it sure felt like it was -30 outside. I went back to the farm for the weekend, spent Mother's Day with the family, played with my cows, and just relaxed. Taking a 2 week holiday made me tired!

I got back to the city Sunday night, to start a new week at work. I was really not looking forward to this. I was enjoying the idea of work being sleeping in, playing with tigers, afternoon naps at the pool. Sitting at my computer, pouring through emails and playing catch up wasn't looking to appealing opposed to the other. However, work wasn't all that bad. It was great to see everyone again, and share all of my stories. I made Mango's and Sticky Rice for the staff, a little Thailand treat and we handed out all of our gifts for them. Everyone loved it, and I have posted the recipe below for anyone that would like to try it.

In between working, and doing laundry I have also been trying to pack for our trip this weekend. We will be heading to Las Vegas for 5 days, leaving early tomorrow morning. I am super excited for this trip and have been saving up to go on a crazy shopping spree when we get there. We leave at 7 am tomorrow morning, and we will have a full house tonight. My mother doesn't think we will make it onto the plane sober, and we might not, but we will be having fun none the less.

I will hopefully be able to post some pictures and blogs while in Vegas, and once I get a home computer back up and running I can finish sharing some stories from Thailand. Until then, have a great long weekend everyone!

Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango's

1 cup sticky rice- soak in water for at least 3 hours or overnight (also called Sweet Rice)
1 ripe mango
2 1/2 cups coconut cream
3 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt

- Drain water from sticky rice and place in steamer. Steam until cooked (15-20 mins)
- Make the sauce by mixing together coconut cream, and salt in a pot over low heat. Reserve 1/4 for topping sauce
- Put sugar in the hot cream, stir until dissolved
- Heat off and add sticky rice to sauce. Mix well, cover and let stand for 10 mins
- Peel mango's and slice thinly
- Sever the sticky rice onto plates, top with mango's, and drizzle topping over.


Crystal Young said...

Can't wait for our trip! Does the coconut cream make it taste really coconutty (not sure if that is a word!) Cause I really don't like coconut, but the rest sounds great. And what kind of grocery store can one go to find all of these ingredients?

Sly said...

You can get coconut cream at Wal-Mart, and I found the rice at T & T Superstore, but any chinese grocer should have it.