Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Birthday Boy Facts

Well today is Dan's birthday and because he is getting featured on the blog more all the time I thought I would share with you 10 things you might not have know about him!

10. He is getting his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, with his thesis being on orthodontic appliances. Yes he is a very smart guy!

9. Before dating me he had only been to a friends farm a few times. He was young so he never did much, but we have changed that in the last year

8. He is very well "trained". Everyone thought that when we moved in together I would have lots of bad habits to break, but the truth is that I think he might be cleaner than I am!

7. When he is not at school, he is coaching power skating with Elite Power Skating. You can even see him here in action

6. He officially has his first animal. A bull calf of mine that was born this January came out not quite the colour I was hoping. I disowned him and now he is Dan's calf. Now it is up to him to halter break, feed, and sell Wildcard.

5. He is an iphone guy and bugs me about having a Blackberry.

4. He is a big nerd at heart. We now have a playstation, xbox and wii in our house and he loves the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

3. He is 345 days older then me.

2. He is a serious scotch drinker liking unpeaty scotches.

1. He may have a slightly smaller closet then me, but he has just as many clothes as I do!

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