Wednesday, May 2, 2012

101 in 1001 Wrap Up

Well I completed my first 101 in 1001.

It was amazing to see how many things I got finished or partially finished over the 1001 days. Lots has changed since that time, but I am really proud of how many I got through.

Here are some of the most memorable ones!
#27- See the Grand Canyon.
This may not be how everyone envisions seeing the Grand Canyon, but it worked just fine for me. Never even knew that we would be flying over it, but was a great plane ride sightseeing!

#8- Learn how to shoot a gun- and actually do it.
Last fathers day my dad decided that he would take it upon himself to teach me. A few hours later I was a sharp shooter, and there were a few less gophers in grandpa's fields!

#43- See Taylor Swift in Concert
If you like this girls music, pay the money and go. It was by far the most entertaining show I have ever been to. Yes very theatrical and girly, but that girl can sing and work a crowd.

Out of the 101 items here were my stats:

60 items completed
7 items started
34 items unfinished or started

Stay tuned to a new list in the upcoming weeks!

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