Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just What Do You Do?

I had this question asked to me many times this weekend. Some people thought I worked in the fashion business, some thought I was still in college, and others knew I did something in the event world but just not sure what!

My official job title is Conference Service Manager for the Delta Edmonton Centre Suite Hotel. This basically means that I am an event planner for the hotel. I work with everyone that is non corporate, so government, social groups, weddings, etc.

My day to day job includes helping meeting planners with their events that are held at the hotel. This means finding them space, guest rooms, going through meals and decorations, and everything else inbetween. I then work with the different departments in the hotel to make sure that every event runs smoothly.

Sounds pretty easy, but some days we will have 7 or 8 events happening. So that makes it close to 20-30 events just in 1 week when it is busy. There definitely is no shortage of work in our peak seasons!

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