Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What is a VA?

This week my good friend Robyn and I were able to catch up at an Ag Elle event. In the midst of her telling me about all the amazing things she has on the go, she started to talk about VA's. I had no idea what a VA does, or what they even were until Robyn explained it all to me.

A VA stands for Virtual Assistant. It can be similar to a personal assistant, however, you rarely meet these people, and you work from your virtual office (usually your home) for them. Jobs can range from part time to full time, marketing to blogging, to data entry to financial services.

As I am just starting to pick up some contracts of my own now, I thought It would be a great opportunity for me to gain some work, while still pursuing my own company. I loaded a resume, and the next day had a job!

I am now working as a Marketing assistant to a lady in Ontario. I speak with her once daily, and email back and forth things that I am working on. So far I have done preliminary work on a website, wrote blogs, researched articles, and did some bookings for an up and coming country music artist.

So far the opportunity has been great, and I have even learned some things already. I will be sure to share my marketing blogs with you as they get posted!


livestockxchange said...

That's awesome! Good for you taking an advantage of an opportunity to further develop your resume while building your business!

RobynBeazley said...

YAH!!! Congratulations Stacy!!